Compressed Natural Gas

Natural Gas is sourced from gas fields, coal-bed methane, shale gas and bio-gas.

South Africa obtains Natural Gas from existing natural gas fields in the southern part of Mozambique via the 865 km Sasol Gas Pipeline. The gas is piped via Temane to Secunda. A Natural Gas high-pressure distribution grid in Johannesburg connects Pretoria, Johannesburg and Sasolburg with this pipeline. Gas is also transported from Secunda to Durban via Transnet’s gas transmission pipeline and supplied to customers using the Sasol gas distribution network. Sasol announced at the end of 2013 that it would be increasing the capacity of the pipeline from Mozambique at a cost of R1.98 billion to cope with the growing demand for gas.

The National Gas Infrastructure Development Plan provides a blueprint for future gas market developments, such as the exploration and development of gas supplies on the South African coast.

NGV Gas also provides compression equipment to customers on the gas pipeline to compress Natural Gas to 200 Bar to create in-house filling facilities for customers operating forklifts and fleets using CNG.

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