How does Natural Gas benefit industry?

Natural Gas:

  • is a renewable and clean energy source that is successfully being used by industrial and commercial entities to fuel boilers, heaters, driers and vehicles
  • can be used in kitchen functions, such as cooking and heating, as well as in co-generation and tri-generation applications
  • is cleaner-burning, with reduced emissions (less CO, NOx, HC, and PM)
  • remains consistent regarding quality/energy content
  • uses a storage method that eliminates theft of fuel
  • is lighter than air and therefore poses a reduced health and safety risk
  • has a reduced risk of accumulating in confined spaces, such as when using LPG
  • fuel systems are sealed, preventing any spills and evaporation
  • compression, storage and dispensing systems require less space, compared to coal

Vehicles can also be converted to run on Natural Gas and a filling point can be set up at “Daughter Stations” on a business site.