Taxi Industry

What are the benefits of using Natural Gas for taxis?
Natural Gas:

  • burns cleaner
  • costs less than traditional petrol or diesel
  • reduces maintenance costs with longer service intervals as there is no lead or benzene content to foul the spark plugs.

Due to rapid rising fuel cost, natural gas is the cheaper and efficient choice. You can save between 25% and 42% in fuel costs per 100km.

How safe is natural gas?

Natural gas is lighter than air, therefore in the event if a leak it will dissolve into the atmosphere. It is non-toxic and has a low concentration level of flammability. It cannot be syphoned from the vehicle.

Can I get more mileage from a full tank?

Yes you can get more mileage because there are no fuel spills or evaporation as it use a sealed CNG fuel system. Natural gas adds up to 42% of savings every 100 km.

Is natural gas environmentally friendly?

Natural gas is environmentally friendly because it produces less carbon emissions than petrol and diesel.

How much will it cost to convert?

Although it costs R20 000 to convert, there is no direct cost to the taxi owner, because he cost is funded by the company and is recouped through the portion of the gas price charged at the NGV gas filling station

How do I convert?

Conversion is done at NGV workshop and it takes only a day for the process to be completed

What happens when I run out of gas?

It is always some fuel as reserve in your vehicle as the engine will automatically kick in to using fuel should the gas run out.

Where do I fill up my gas?

There is a fully fledged NGV gas station in Langlaagte and plans are already underway to launch another NGV gas in Dobsonville and later in Rustenburg.

Is the natural gas safe for engines?

Engine modifications include hardened exhaust valves and valve seats. These modifications do not change the visual appearance of the engine nor do they change the engine’s maintenance and service requirements.

How much does a full gas tank cost?

Depending on the size of the engine it is estimated that it will cost around R300 to fill up a tank. This could easily translate to a saving of 40% from the current fuel cost.

How do I apply to convert my taxi to use CNG?

Contact CNG Technology (Pty) Ltd on 0860 116 917