Fuel for your car

It’s cheaper and cleaner

FROM today this taxi rank will be greener than most, with a new alternative to petrol.

Dobsonville taxi rank in Soweto will offer compressed natural gas and drivers will be encouraged to switch to this new fuel.

From lam, the company NGV Gas will run a competition to promote the new fuel to taxi owners and drivers.

There will be music and entertainment and drivers who change to the new fuel today stand a chance of winning great prizes.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer the industry a cleaner, greener and more cost effective alternative to petrol,” Stephen Rothman from NGV Gas said.

“Compressed natural gas burns cleaner, making it environmentally friendly and costs less than petrol and diesel. ‚ÄúThat reduces maintenance costs, which is good news for taxi owners and drivers,” he said.

Most minibus taxis, except the very oldest models, can be converted to run on gas. The process takes about five hours and it’s free.

“Taxi drivers who have switched to gas in the past six months are already seeing the benefits,” Rothman said. “They’ve reported saving between R300 and R400 a day.”

The fuel is already popular in over 100 countries and it is used by over 25 million vehicles worldwide.

“For us there can be no better opportunity than within our local taxi industry, where the benefits can be felt directly by communities,” he said.


*Article as appeared on pg. 16 of the Daily Sun on the 31st of October 2014.

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