International Experience

International experience shows that CNG is a viable and safe alternative fuel source that offers numerous benefits.

It is used in many countries, particularly those that depend on heavy industry and public transport. Over 100 countries from all five continents use Compressed Natural Gas and there are currently more than 25 million natural gas vehicles worldwide (source:

The International Energy Agency predicts that Natural Gas will overtake coal as a primary energy source by 2035 and become 25% of the global energy mix, second only to crude oil. It is the fastest-growing fossil fuel, with global consumption increasing by 1.7% a year.

Increasing supplies of shale gas and coal-bed methane, from which Natural Gas can be extracted, will ensure that global demand can be met. According to the NGV Journal, Natural Gas is the only abundant, eco-friendly, economically viable fuel with the infrastructure required to supply the world’s automotive fleet for the next 40 years.

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