The minibus taxi

The Minibus Taxi Industry is an estimated R90 billion industry. With over 200 000        minibus taxis on our roads, it makes economic and environmental sense to run them on Natural Gas.

Underlining benefit vs running costs

South African city centres are gearing up for unprecedented growth. With the increase in urbanisation, minibus taxi numbers will grow and inevitably will their contribution to pollution levels. Natural Gas emits lower levels of pollution and in essence, is one of the cleanest transportation fuels.

Running a commercial taxi on Natural Gas is cheaper than any other fuel derivative . Whether the commute route is a short distance or a substantially longer trip, Natural Gas delivers power on demand while emitting lower levels of pollution. In essence, Natural Gas is one of the cleanest transportation fuels.

The Minibus Taxi conversion

Converting a minibus taxi to run off Natural Gas takes less than 4 weeks from start to finish. Fully integratable, the conversion kit works in conjunction with the original motor of the vehicle.

Technically, a Natural Gas vehicle works much like a Petrol or Diesel powered vehicle. The fuel and air mixture is compressed and ignited. Natural Gas is stored in a fuel tank typically at the bank of the vehicle.

The Gas is supplied in a high-compressed state and reduced to suite compatible pressure levels for any and all engine injection systems. Inturn the injection system will “feed” the fuel into the intake manifold or combustion chamber.


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