SME’s make tough choices every day, from hiring staff to expanding their products            and services. The impact of these choices in terms of cost is particularly critical to an SME.

Making the right fuel choice for a SME that runs any type of fleet is as critical. As a business owner, when you consider all the benefits of Natural Gas, it becomes clear why there are over 15 million Natural Gas powered vehicles globally.

Internationally and locally, products and services produced by SME’s are delivered in trucks powered by a fuel type that is up to 90% cleaner than either petrol or diesel. Not only is Natural Gas more environmentally responsible than petrol or diesel, it is also safer and extremely cost-effective.

Road to refilling

Converting your vehicle(s) is simple. Refilling is even easier. Similar to traditional fuels, you can have your Natural Gas refilled at any of our stations conveniently situated in and around major centres throughout Gauteng.

Below is a list of our current stations:


Site Location: Main Reef Road, Langlaagte

Total McBen’s Vanderbijlpark

Site Location: Cnr Hans Strijdom & General Smuts Str, Vanderbijlpark

Quick Fuel Pretoria

Site Location: 67 Kgosi Mampuru Street, Pretoria

Caltex Dobsonville

Site Location: 11900 Steve Kgane Street, Soweto

ABC Easy

Converting your fleet is ABC, Affordable, Better for the environment and Cost-Saving in the long run. In fact, converting existing vehicles to run on Natural Gas isn’t particularly challenging so if you want to green your wheels today, the only way to do it is by hiring an SAQCC Gas certified compressed-natural-gas (CNG) installer to do the job.

South African conversion centres have been in operation for over 10 years and many offer globally competitive pricing and service plans.

Natural Gas Vehicles work much like Petrol or Diesel powered vehicles. Natural Gas is stored in a fuel tank typically at the bank of the fleet vehicle. The Gas is supplied in a high-compressed state and reduced to suite compatible pressure levels for any and all engine injection systems. Inturn the injection system will “feed” the fuel into the intake manifold or combustion chamber.

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