1. Renewable and clean energy source that can be utilised for:
    • Boiler, heater and/or drier fuel
    • Kitchen functions such as cooking and heating
    • Co- and tri-generation
    • Vehicle refuelling
  2. Cleaner burning and reduced emissions (less CO2, NOx, HC and PM).
  3. Create jobs via process and operation functions.
  4. Consistent quality/ energy content.
  5. Reduced maintenance costs as service intervals are longer.
  6. Carbon credits can be accessed by converting from other fuel sources.
  7. Eliminate theft of fuel e.g. diesel, petrol, LPG, coal etc.
  8. Reduced health/safety risk (social responsibility).
  9. Reduced risk of accumulation in confined spaces, as when using LPG and other fuel sources that are heavier than air.
  10. Economic usage of space – unlike coal bunkers.
  11. Vehicles can be converted to run on natural gas and a filling point can be set up at daughter stations.