SA gets first natural gas filling station

South Africa’s first natural gas filling station is now open in Johannesburg.

CNG Holdings launched the station in Langlaagte, Johannesburg as part of its goal of providing natural gas facilities across the country.

The objective is to provide clean energy and to reduce transport costs. CNG is also currently converting existing filling stations to offer natural gas as an alternative fuel source.

The company is in the process of converting 1 000 taxis to run on natural gas, enabling these vehicles to refuel at the newly launched station.

CNG Holdings CEO Stephen Rothman believes this will have a very positive effect on the fuel and operating costs of taxis which are South Africa’s most accessible form of public transport.

CNG costs R9.99/l at the new filling station, while the current petrol price is R14.32/l for 95-grade petrol in Gauteng.

This, in addition to natural gas’s efficiency, will save taxi drivers approximately 40% on the cost of fuel. The company will fund the conversion of taxis to run on natural gas at a cost of R20 000 per taxi.


*Article as appeared in Infrastructure News on 17th of March 2014

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