CNG Technology (Pty) Ltd

CNG Technology (Pty) Ltd is a dedicated equipment supply and service organisation for the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) industry. It provides:

  • the required CNG equipment for Natural Gas filling stations and the virtual gas distribution system
  • equipment and expertise to convert petrol and LPG-powered vehicles to run on CNG
  • funding for conversion kits and is involved in converting and funding 1 000 taxi conversions in Gauteng.

CNG Technology holds the rights for various brands of conversion kits and technologies for petrol- and diesel-operated vehicles.

A Natural Gas conversion kit gives the vehicle operator the flexibility to use petrol or Natural Gas at the flick of a switch, or dual-fuel diesel displacement on diesel vehicles. Installation of conversion kits is done in independent workshops by staff trained by BRC Gas Equipment, an Italian company recognised as a world leader in manufacturing CNG components and systems. This enhances the job creation opportunities presented by Natural Gas in South Africa.

CNG is stored in a high-pressure seamless cylinder at 200 Bar. The cylinder/s are usually placed in the boot of a vehicle against the back seat, or on the roofs of busses.