NGV Gas (Pty) Ltd

NGV Gas (Pty) Ltd provides a proven and eco-friendly energy source that is cleaner and more cost-effective than petrol, diesel and liquid petroleum gas (LPG). NGV Gas sets up Compressed Natural Gas filling stations for private and public transport, as well as in-house filling stations for large companies.

NGV Gas:

  • provides in-house filling stations since 2013 at a number of blue-chip industrial customers that converted their forklifts from LPG to CNG.They reported an average monthly saving of 20% and more on energy costs.

  • sets up compression systems to provide CNG to customers directly connected to the existing gas pipeline. All gas supply equipment can be installed and provided at no cost to the customer who only pays for the CNG used. Commercial customers further away receive CNG via a unique road distribution system.

NGV Gas is working with various partners, including government and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), to establish projects where CNG can be used as an alternative fuel to diesel and petrol for vehicle operators. A pilot fleet trial, overseen by the IDC in 2012, showed a 20.3% reduction in fuel running costs for a dual-fuel bus and a 20%-plus saving on minibus taxis running on CNG.

Phase 1 consisted of establishing a flagship filling station in Langlaagte, Johannesburg and funding the conversion of 1 000 taxis to convert to Natural Gas. This filling station also operates as a training and information centre.

NGV Gas is also establishing one satellite station and converting two existing filling stations in Soweto, Johannesburg, to retro-fit vehicles and dispense Natural Gas. Two filling stations in Mamelodi, Pretoria, will also be retro-fitted for Natural Gas vehicles, with the owners identifying additional locations.

Each station will service 500 taxis, trucks and buses per day at an average refuelling time of five minutes per vehicle. The aim is to increase this to 7 800 vehicles a day.

As a gas supplier, NGV Gas will expand its footprint by working with existing filling station owners to establish their suitability to be retro-fitted, as well as with fleet owners who wish to establish their own filling stations.