Virtual Gas Network (Pty) Ltd

VGN supplies compressed natural gas via a virtual gas distribution network. Through this innovative modular road transport system VGN can safely and economically transport natural gas to refuelling stations, gas distribution networks, industries, power generation systems, as well as to customers who are not on an existing gas pipeline.

The trailer road distribution system is specifically designed to provide solutions for:

  • customers who are remotely situated from an existing pipeline;

  • large industrial/ commercial customers within a 300km radius from a compression station (mother station) in Langlaagte, 5km west of the Johannesburg CBD; and

  • smaller customers that will form part of a larger distribution network, such as industrial parks, housing developments, and mixed use developments.

This road distribution system also supplies CNG refuelling stations and customers who have no direct access to the existing gas network (pipeline), and who want an alternative energy source to liquid petroleum gas, diesel, paraffin, and coal. All gas supply equipment can be installed and provided at no direct cost to customers, and they only pay for the CNG used.

CNG can be used for various applications:

  • Heating and cooling;

  • Power generation;

  • Fuel for buses, trucks, forklifts, motor vehicles and other fleet applications;

  • Furnaces, boilers and driers;

  • Industrial, commercial and domestic consumption; and

  • Other applications that use energy.